Top 10 Bay Area Movie Theaters

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Artists' Television Access

10. Artists' Television Access

Looking to get purposefully, intentionally weird? This is your theater jam. Not playing any of the regular fare, Artists' Television Access is more about experimental celebration and new wave conceptual shenanigans. We're not totally sure what that means but point is: Shit is crazy. Definitely worth attending a screening at least once in your life if you really want to have the full San Francisco Experience, you hippie weirdo.

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9. Rialto Cinemas in El Cerrito

Remember The Parkway in Oakland? This is like The Parkway, but cleaner! There are good snacks, tasty brews, and even TABLE SERVICE. You read right! Also, they have all sorts of tasty goodness to sprinkle on your popcorn. Don't get too excited, it's all legal. The best part is that you get to lounge on couches while you enjoy your feature. Now, normally, we'd warn you to bring two gallons of Febreeze, fully body armor, and a Hep C shot when sitting on strange sofas, but these couches are actually pretty much clean. It's a movie miracle!

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Shira K.

8. The Vortex Room

A performance space for the Burning Man/Burning Man sympathizer, this "theater" (bar with a giant screen) often shows classics, cult favorites, and hidden gems from bygone eras. It's not an evening at the multiplex but it's satisfying in a different way because you feel so damn cultured and insider-y. You are very cool and deserve that recognition, don't you think?

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7. Alameda Theatre and Cineplex 

Alameda, city in the Bay! Take the trip to this recently refurbished 1930s art deco movie palace, which was beautifully restored and shines like the Chrysler building! It's got it all, including blockbuster movies, a few art house flicks, and local dance performances. Plus, since public transit to The Island is The Worst, you can rent a Zipcar and park in their enormous parking structure. Yay, suburbs!

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6. Roxie Theater

Oh, the Roxie. You host all the weirdest film festivals, a surprising amount of big stars promoting their small movies, and about half of San Francisco's truly great parties. If you're ever bored with whatever's playing everywhere else, check out the Roxie's schedule and there's probably something that'll catch your (twisted) eye. Plus, the close proximity to some of S.F.'s greatest bars and restaurants doesn't hurt.

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Hey Laura,  Did you know that The Albany Twin offers vegan sausages, vegan cookies,as well as a few other tasty vegan options at their concessions stand?


The Clay also shows The Rocky Horror Picture Show on a monthly basis as well.

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No love for Stanford Theater and their ye olde-fashioned films?

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