Get Your '80s Teen Angst on at Film Night in the Park

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Michael Patrick

Molly Ringwald, the official sponsor of teen angst in the '80s, will be turning 16 again this Saturday, August 4, for Film Night in the Park. A monstrous projector and arena-rock-concert speakers will be erected at the foot of the slope in Dolores Park and all (humans) are welcome for a free, family-friendly night of '80s hits, poofy hair, and poofier shoulder pads.

We would like to warn you not to walk into this experience unprepared. Be wary of the following known side effects of Ringwald exposure:

  • PTSD (Post-Teenage-Stress-Disorder) Flashbacks
  • Overwhelming desires to bring back the scrunchy
  • Irresistible urges to Facebook stalk your unrequited high school heartthrob. (He's gained 40 pounds, don't do it.)
Other side effects include: sitting on tables and eating cake, on tables.

If you've never attended Film Night in the Park, you should absolutely grab your pic-i-nic basket and plan for it this Saturday. Summer's almost over, folks!

Side note: Movies used to play a lot more often in Dolores but then didn't anymore. It was more of a D.I.Y. operation, done by different folks than this year's film series, and it seems like it just lost steam. Here's the scoop.

Thanks to Film Night in the Park (and these guys) for continuing to provide, well, films in the park. Also, an awesome date idea for those of you still in this phase:

Sixteen Candles screens Saturday, August 4 at dusk (around 8:30 p.m.) at Dolores Park, Dolores (at 18th St.). Admission is free.
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