Interview with the Great Grandson of Scientology's L. Ron Hubbard

Jamie DeWolf Holding a Copy of Dianetics, by L. Ron Hubbard

Jamie DeWolf is most well known for being the host of Tourettes Without Regrets, a renegade show in which he displays weird, artistic, hilarious, vulgar, sexual, and insanely talented performers. Tourettes has won "Best of the Bay" from the SF Guardian and "Best Underground Cultural Event" by the East Bay Express.

You might also know that DeWolf is very charismatic, with an on-stage magnetism and swagger that few can rival. What you might not know, however, is that DeWolf is the great grandson of L. Ron Hubbard, the man-made saint of Scientology.

Since he was a kid, DeWolf always knew that he was different. He loved to write, starting at a very early age. While most artistic talent in kids is embraced, DeWolf had the opposite experience; from his earliest memory, his writing has always been a problem.

"It was around fourth grade that they started sending me to the school shrink, because a lot of my stories would get to a point where my entire class was in it, and we would all be under attack." While his teachers and classmates found it disturbing, DeWolf was excited. "That's my first murky memory of writing something and performing it in front of an audience, but I also realized that my writing was always a little racier than any of the other kids in class."

Challenging the powers-that-be seemed to be something DeWolf excelled at. In sixth grade, he was placed in a Christian school. Being a devout Christian, he had a lot of questions. "Christians don't like questions. Faith does not support any kind of interrogation at all." In true DeWolf form, he decided to start an underground zine that he would take to school and pass out like pornography. "It was my weird little contribution."

DeWolf's signature issue was "a three page rap about a student uprising, where all the teachers are killed by name specifically and in a myriad of ways. I wrote it, and some kid made a copy of it and left it in bible study class. It was found, and I was expelled that day," says DeWolf, laughing as he recounts this story about his troubled childhood. After this, DeWolf was forced to go to public school, and the same sort of issues resurfaced.


One of his assignments was to write about the signing of the Declaration of Independence. DeWolf was already bored and said, "I wanted to come at it in a fresh way." He wrote a story called "Time Kill," which depicted a sociopath traveling back in time to the day of the signing of the Declaration of Independence and killing all of the men who signed it, and then hunting down Benjamin Franklin and murdering him in the snow.

Again, the school psychologist was called. "I would have arguments with the school psychologist about what was art and what was good writing. Pretty much after that, my writing was systematically a problem. I would always at some point challenge what was acceptable."

After DeWolf was expelled from high school for his writing, he enrolled in community college. He got kicked out of two creative writing classes there as well. "I had a massive chip on my shoulder, because my writing kept getting me into trouble." This was a low point for DeWolf, where he was willfully self-destructive. "Creation and destruction go hand in hand. You go through destruction and creation comes out of it." Depressed, he composed an eight chapter suicide note that he wanted to publish, and then, in dramatic form, kill himself. He began to go to open mic nights and read portions of this suicide note to an audience. After reading it, DeWolf was always asked not to return.

Enraged, dejected, and with a feeling of wanting to be heard, he thought, "There had to be a place where truth existed that was this ugly." This led him to San Francisco, where he attended his first poetry slam. DeWolf performed a poem about sadomasochistic sex with a Christian girl. He came in dead last, but they didn't ban him. "It made me start to learn and evolve, because I began to learn how to candy coat poison, "says DeWolf.

In 1999, DeWolf made his way onto the first Oakland slam team, which dominated the competition, and he began to feel what winning was like. His daughter was born, and that caused him to grow up quite a bit. DeWolf started Tourettes out of revenge for all the stages he had been asked to leave, and he carried his flair for confrontation onto the Tourettes stage, challenging his audience to fight all the time.


One evening he was being even more antagonistic than usual, and an audience member hurled a backpack filled with books straight into DeWolf's face, knocking him out cold. After DeWolf came to on the sidewalk outside while someone else was hosting his show, he realized there had to be a better way. Instead of antagonizing his audience, he learned to seduce them instead.

Around this time DeWolf began teaching at high schools with kids that were a lot like he used to be. "It gave me a driving force to help the kids like me and give them another model. It made me realize I had survived and chosen art as an escape route. I need to convey that to kids, because for a lot of them it will save them and help them to write their way out of hell."

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"DeWolf has been asked to speak at anti -Scientology events. He was invited to Ireland to speak at Anonymous Ireland, and he said it was really intimidating. The attendees were either ex-Scientologists, anonymous, or anti-cult people, and all of them were wearing masks protecting their faces.

"It was very surreal, because some people have been excommunicated from Scientology or are being hounded for leaving, and they don't want to be publicly connected with the anti-Scientology movement out of fear. They were very gracious to me," says DeWolf. He met Gerry Armstrong, who was once the personal assistant of L. Ron Hubbard. Hubbard authorized Armstrong to do an autobiography. Armstrong had access to Hubbard's real military records, school records, and discovered quickly that events in Hubbard's past were outright lies or gross exaggerations. Due to litigation, Armstrong is not allowed to speak about it in the U.S. without facing serious fines."


I wasn’t L. Ron Hubbard’s personal assistant. I was his personal archivist and biography researcher in 1980 and 1981.

In January 1980, I petitioned him to create an archive of his personal papers and to assist his biographer with research. Hubbard approved my petition, and some months later he had his attorney contract with Omar Garrison, a wog*, to write the biography.

I did indeed discover that L. Ron Hubbard had lied about his military career, his injuries, his medals, his education, his family, his explorations and adventures.  Most importantly, he lied about Dianetics and Scientology, their intentions and ethics, and the superstates he promised of “Clear” and “OT,” or “Operating Thetan.”

It is true that the Scientologists obtained an injunction in California that prevents me from mentioning the Scientology religion, or any of its persons, entities or even attorneys. The Scientologists’ injunction prevents me from even saying the word “Scientology” or the name “L. Ron Hubbard” or the name “David Miscavige.”

It is also true that I face serious fines for every such utterance.  In fact, in addition to the fines, I also face a penalty of $50,000 per utterance in “liquidated damages,” and I face jail time. 

The Scientologists’ injunction, however, prevents me from mentioning Scientology, its myriad parts and personnel, and my religious experiences and religious knowledge, not just in the US, but everywhere in the world. Since the Scientologists obtained their injunction in 1995, the vast majority of my utterances, which are clear expressions of my religious beliefs about this religion, have been made outside the US. Jail sentences and fines that the Scientologists have pending against me in California right now are for expressions of my religious beliefs made in Canada and Germany.

The Scientologists’ injunction against me is unlawful. It is no more lawful for a California Court to silence me about my religious experiences and religious knowledge of the Scientology religion, or about Hubbard or Miscavige, etc., in California or anywhere else in the world, than it would be lawful for a California Court to silence someone about the Christian religion, or God or the devil. Sending someone to jail or penalizing him $50 K per utterance for mentioning his

The injunction is an indefensible shame  disgrace and a blight upon the California justice system and the US Department of Justice that

The Scientologists have gotten away with this unlawful injunction and other unlawful court orders against me, and others like me, for four main reasons. 1. They desire, seek and pay fulsomely to suppress and destroy their enemies, who are simply people that tell the truth about the nasty side of Scientology and Hubbard. 2. The Scientologists have wog collaborators among lawyers, PIs, judges, government officials and media to accomplish that evil purpose.  3. In our society, the law, particularly US law, for money, can be used, as Hubbard said, very easily, for that purpose. 4. The Scientologists, in addition to their evil purpose, have a lot of money.

Up to a point, the more money spent to use the law to suppress and destroy enemies, the more suppression and destruction is accomplished. To the Scientologists, that’s winning! There is a point when it can become apparent that the people or organizations that use the law for that evil, and actually unlawful, purpose face their own suppression and destruction by law. That’s justice! And that’s where the Scientologists find themselves, certainly in the Scientology v. Armstrong litigation, but in courts and cases around the world.   

It was wholly memorable meeting Jamie in Dublin, and to hear some of his experiences of life with and without Scientology and Hubbard. His expressions about this religion and its founder are about as religious as the next guy’s. I’m looking forward to communicating with him again because I have some more information about his grandfather L. Ron Hubbard, Jr. that could be meaningful to him.

Gerry Armstrong

*Scientologists call all us Homo sapiens “wogs.” The Scientologists consider themselves a different and superior race, Homo novis, or Homo scientologicus. Scientologists call everything outside their properties and control the “wog world.” Scientologists call our justice system and judgments “wog justice. ” And there are “wog education,” “wog mental health,” etc.



Ok, he's celebrating himself as an a-hole and that's the way I read everything he says. No story here to see.

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 @mikeshoes mikeshoes is posting from the Scientology office-building in Glendale.

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