Creators of Cancer Ass-Kicking Comic Terminally Illin' Land on MTV

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Kaylin Marie Andres and Jon Solo, the creators of Terminally Illin'.
"Cancer is not funny; cancer is hilarious!"

Soon, the motto of Terminally Illin', the punk rock comic about fighting cancer published by San Francisco's Last Gasp Publishing that we profiled last spring, will have an even bigger national audience, as its creators are featured in 12 episodes of World of Jenks, a reality series from young documentary filmmaker Andrew Jenks that airs on MTV.

Back in April, cancer survivor Kaylin Marie Andres and her artist friend Jon Solo executed the second of two successful Kickstarter campaigns to create a preview issue of Terminally Illin' as well as an 80-page graphic novel. The latter is presently being finalized, and many moments in its creation were captured for World of Jenks.

With its extreme imagery, Terminally Illin' is not for the faint of heart, and its ballsy, in-your-face humor might offend some. But it's just the right breath of fresh air for so many others.


"For me, humor has always been my best coping mechanism," Andres says. "It's the great unifier in life -- you can literally make fun of everything. Everything has the potential to make you laugh, even cancer, even death. When I was going through treatment, making jokes was my way to process what was happening to me, a way to deal with the situation. By making fun of cancer, I was essentially taking control of it and how it affected my life instead of staying helpless."

Season two of World of Jenks premieres November 12 on MTV.

For a glimpse, watch their successful Kickstarter video below:

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