Take a Drug-Free Trip through San Francisco with Kalle Mattson's "Water Falls"

Perhaps you've seen Vertigo, Alfred Hitchcock's 1958 film about an acrophobic detective that was filmed in San Francisco. If you haven't, then we implore you to do so immediately! If you can't, because you're "at work" or something, then here's the next best thing. Canadian indie rocker Kalle Mattson teamed up with local videographer Kevin Parry and Andrea Nesbitt of Candy Glass Productions to provide us with a different kind of vertigo.

Mattson's music video "Water Falls" ping-pongs viewers all around San Francisco at a dizzying pace. Expect flings across iconic S.F. landmarks like the Golden Gate bridge, up and down Market Street, along trolley lines, and, our favorite, a whirligig spin around the TransAm building. Watching this video reminds us of being at a carnival. Or stoned. Or being stoned at a carnival, which is actually a fairly adept comparison to the experience of living in San Francisco.

Take a spin on the Gravitron below, preferably on an empty stomach, and for more visuals and trippy animation, head over to Hypno SF.

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