Twitter's Dick Movie Meme Has Some Stiff Competition

The latest hashtag folks are all a'twitter over on Twitter is the awe-inspiring #NameYourDickAfterAMovie. We don't usually remark on boner memes (because, like YouTube comments, they often make us feel stabby), but in this case we decided to make a dickception.

There were many variations on the Titanic theme, "cos I'm huge" (Thanks for clearing that up!) and "because thousands went down on it lol." Perhaps due to its timeliness, The Dark Knight Rises also got several nods, (our favorite was from "Helen Keller," which has thus far been retweeted over 5,000 times), as well as easy targets like King Kong and Free Willy.

Because it's Twitter, there were, of course, some downright baffling and blatantly offensive ones -- If you've haven't seen the cinematic treasure that is Cloudy with a Chance of My Balls, you simply must!

Curiously overlooked were Dumbo, The Rocketeer, and every film by David Lynch.

Nonetheless, here are some of our favorites:


You hear that, Everyone Who Hated The Prequels?!

There were also quite a few that inexplicably named Tomb Raider ll.

It's hard (sorry) not to appreciate the gender bending of this particular dick tweet. Who doesn't want their man meat compared to a successful, forty-something San Francisco stock broker who has a steamy romance with a cabana boy?

How could we not cry? He wrote her a lot of letters!

What can we say, we have a softie (sorry) for Robin Williams movies.

Where the Red Fern Grows! Nothing makes us hotter than weepy, emotional children's books about beloved pets dying.

Speaking of dogs ...

What'd we miss?

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