Suck on This -- See's Candies Makes World's Largest Lollipop

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Burlingame-based See's Candies broke the Guinness World Record for the World's Largest Lollipop recently, by creating a 7,003-pound chocolate monstrosity that stands almost 17-feet-tall, including its stick. The monsterpop was put on display in all of its glory at Justin Herman Plaza in San Francisco last Friday. Followers of the king pop bowed down before the lord of sweets, offering praise and thanks and doing ritualistic dances in hopes that this year's harvest will be fruitful.

This sucker is equivalent to 145,000 regular lollipops

Okay fine, none of that last stuff happened. But there was a giant lollipop, so what more could you really ask for? Although, I have to admit, there comes a certain point where big is too big -- so what's the point? Aside from breaking records (and fork lifts), if it's so big that no one can even suck on it, what good is it, anyway?

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Sure, it gets a little more confidence, a little more pep in its step, and people come all around to admire its size and give it awards. But still, the point remains, you could lick that thing all day long and you aren't going to get anywhere close to the center.

Just sayin'.

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