Internet's Reaction to J.Lo "Lesbian Show" Shows Internet is Way Too Easily Excitable

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Releasing important or controversial news on a Friday has historically been seen as a ploy to bury a story, the theory being that nobody's going to pay much attention to it because they're too busy watching the clock. It's been done by Bush's and Obama's White House, in fact.

This past Friday afternoon, ABC Family (allegedly) announced that they're going to develop an hour-long drama series with Jennifer Lopez. But why Friday afternoon, ABC Family? A Friday afternoon on what many are taking as a long weekend, no less? Why couldn't you wait until until after the weekend? What are you hiding from us?

Of course, it's no longer as effective a tactic in the Twitter age, particularly for fluffy entertainment news, and the corners of the Internet that go crazy for this sort of thing went crazy about the idea that the show will feature a lesbian couple. Really, folks? In 2012, mere days after the world's reaction to Anderson Cooper coming out of the closet was a collective "Whatevs," we're going to act like Jennifer Lopez producing a drama involving lesbians is somehow a big deal? She's not even playing one of the lesbians -- probably because the last time she did that, none of you cheeky bastards actually showed up -- and, overall, it looks just like an overstuffed prime-time soap opera, no more strictly lesbian-themed than, say, Modern Family is gay-themed.

The weird thing is, if there's an actual press release, it hasn't found its way onto the Internet -- not even on ABC Family's Press Release page, which sure seems like the kind of place it would be -- which makes me wonder if maybe it's just someone at ABC Family decided to have some time-killing afternoon LULz, and on a Friday when it wouldn't spread too much.

But who knows? ABC Family has already given us at least one (prematurely cancelled) classic with The Middleman, and by all accounts Bunheads is worth watching, so many moons from now, when the Perez Hiltons of the web have long forgotten this and moved on to the next shiny thing, this may turn out to be a halfway decent show. Stranger things have happened.


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