Cookie Monster Makes Everything Better -- Even Terrible Pop Song "Call Me Maybe"

Cookie Monster, everyone's favorite carb-loving Muppet from Sesame Street, sure is busy these days.

When he's not questioning the political correctness of antiquated terms like "monster" or providing thoughtful and astute breakdowns of the Occupy movement, he's also making pop songs more enjoyable for us all.

We speak, of course, of Cookie Monster's recent spoof on Carly Rae Jepsen's song "Call Me Maybe."

For those who aren't 14 or forced to hang around 14-year-olds, "Call Me Maybe" is a grating, overly produced pop song that's just barely more tolerable than Rebecca Black's "Friday." If you needed another reason to be angry with Justin Bieber, you can also blame him for Jepsen's rise to fame, as he promoted the song back in 2011.

As with most terrible, viral things, the song has since inspired many parodies, lip dubs, and spinoffs, from Katy Perry to My Little Pony.


We were, quite frankly, starting to grow weary of them, until Cookie Monster came along. We can only hope that Cookie Monster's tireless crusades to make the world a better place continues. Perhaps he can weigh in on the whole "gay" Oreo cookie debacle next?

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