Boo, the World's Cutest Dog, Comes to San Francisco

boo red car.jpg

Here at the Exhibitionist, we're hardly subtle about our devotion to our city's dogs. Where else can our sexy pups draw professional athletes to their charity events, out-catwalk the kitties, and disco dressed as Lady Gaga?

Which is probably why Facebook's favorite eligible bachelor, the undeniably adorable Boo the Dog and his best friend Buddy chose to take a little vacay to San Francisco and publish their fabulous photos in a book called Boo: Little Dog in the Big City.

Boo turned six on March 23 (sharing his birthday with Flava Flav and President James Madison, both of whom are also six), which is around 40 in human years, but if this record of his rather hedonist vacationing style is any indication, the living teddy bear is making no moves to settle down.

In a recent press release, the Justin Beiber of the dog world assured us he's single ("No plans to have pups or get married just yet. I just like having fun for now.") "Fun" with Boo and Buddy is definitely plush and decidedly has an '80s yuppie feel -- though while the two burned through San Francisco in a red convertible wearing doggy Dolce & Gabbana, no piles of cocaine or literati cash are visible in the published photographs.

boo spa.jpg

Boo enjoyed many of the city's charms, spending some time on a boat in his nautical themed Pashmina Afghan

Here he is having a bit of a Tranny Shack moment with Buddy:

boo photobooth.jpg

And what S.F. trip would be complete without a visit to the Hustler Club?

boo northbeach.jpg

Now, Boo, try to keep that tongue in your mouth, lest you upset the strippers.

Neither Boo nor his PR people have specified his sexuality, though the sailor outfit is a little Tom Finland and his relationship with Buddy toes the line between bromance and lifelong romantic partner (How many friends' faces do you feature by themselves on your screensaver and coffee mug?). So unless he's already had a few conversations with his old friend Anderson Cooper on the whole waiting to come out thing, as far as we know, anyone's got a shot.

Check out the goods in his new book, out Wednesday, August 1 from Chronicle Books.

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