S.F. Street Fashion: Pink Is the New Black

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I've been attempting to clean out my closet lately -- attempting, but not having much success. I have dresses that I've been carting around from apartment to apartment since high school; they don't fit or are simply outdated. Still, there comes a point when nothing else will fit in my closet, and I have to get rid of something if I want to add a new item. The dilemma has left me stuck with the question: Will this dress, shirt, or sweater survive the season? I'm a sucker for trends, so I'm learning to be a more wary shopper -- buying things I'll wear forever, and donating clothes I won't wear again.

This doesn't mean I'm not itching to indulge in the waves of neon clothing that have flooded stores this spring. Bright yellow, hot pink, day-glo green -- I want it all. But, in my new effort to be discerning, I'm only buying pink. A neon orange dress might feel fun this summer, but I can't imagine myself wearing it this fall without feeling like a pumpkin. And pink seems to be the most versatile; I can imagine it mixed with most of the other colors I own.

It seems I'm not the only one sticking to fuchsia. I noticed lots of other pink-lovers on the street this week, some who let the color dominate their outfit and others who just dabbled. Click through to check them out!

Kate Conger
This guy is clearly a fan of the color, with even a pink pocket square peeking out of his jacket. He -- and a few others I met this week -- mentioned how their outfits made the people who interacted with them happy. I believe him. I can't look at this photo without smiling.

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