Breaking: Oreo's "Gay" Cookie Agenda Crumbles


Oreo, the popular sandwich cookie that's been around for almost a century, caused quite the Internet kerfuffle recently, when it posted a photo of a rainbow cookie on its Facebook page in honor of Gay Pride. With the description "Proudly support love!" this "gay" cookie clearly deserves all the outrage and controversy it has generated during its short, pixelated lifespan.

From our sister blog the Snitch:

Naturally, (or unnaturally, if you will), Christian cookie fans refuse to eat this gay confection. In fact, there's some threat of a biscuit boycott circulating on the Internet. Oreo's Facebook post generated some 22,000 comments from Cookie eaters on both sides of the wafer.

It's about time! We've been offended by homoreos for years! Ever since they came out with their barely concealed gay agenda cookie that is the "Double Stuf Oreo."

Since there are no other issues that bear this much importance in our current political climate, we have a few other suggestions to add to the list of gay-seeming foodstuffs that should be boycotted immediately.



Not only is Skittles' slogan "Taste the rainbow," but each of its hard-shelled candies come branded with the letter S, which almost certainly stands for SIN.

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