Campaign Against Video Game Sexism Met with -- Surprise! -- More Sexism

It's been extensively documented that YouTube comments are the dumbest, most offensive Internet comments out there. (Someone had to take the torch from Digg, after all.) There's even a blog that harvests the "best" of the worst offenders for your amusement/horror. For instance:

offensive youtube comment.png

Keep smoking that pot, Mr. PaulHitler420! Before the Jews take your last three brain cells.

Knowing YouTube's reputation, we weren't surprised to find out from our sister blog the Snitch that a YouTube video by Anita Sarkeesian on video game sexism had induced a troll-tastic flame war of sexist comments. According to Sarkeesian's website, thousands (!!!) of horrible comments have been left in the short time since her video was posted. Here's a brief sample of them, in case you haven't had enough stunning examples of humanity lately:


But wait! Don't go rage-quitting earth on this lovely Friday -- since the attack, Sarkeesian has raised more than $135,000 for her cause. This goes to show you that there a few occasions where it's okay to feed the trolls.

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