"We Have Become a Race of Sex Cripples," Claims 1968's Sexercises [Photos]

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Author: Edward O'Reilly, M.A., M.S.P.E.
Date: 1968
Publisher: Pocket Books
Discovered at: San Francisco Library Book Sale

The Cover Promises: "More than 300 photographs" but not that those photos are almost all of the same skinny doof pelvic thrusting

Representative Quote:

Unfortunately, too many wives become physically unattractive because of lack of exercise.
Modern man, like modern woman, is deteriorating physically ... Automation and mechanization are producing more and more men who are seriously handicapped in the performance of the sex act."


Woe for orgasm in the age of mechanical reproduction! According to Sexercises, a compendium of pelvic-thrust photos compiled by Edward O'Reilly, humanity is paying a stiff price for that leisure time bought us by our liberation from backbreaking toil: Come to find out, the one thing we most want to do with that leisure time in the first place just isn't as pleasurable now that our bodies haven't been honed by endless hours at the butterchurn.

In fact, as O'Reilly has it, modern man and woman are forever dissatisfied with the deployment and/or receipt of each other's genitals, and they can't stop blaming their basic lack of sexual fulfillment on each other:

"If the wife is unattractive or physically unfit, if she is always too tired, if she is constantly complaining about ill health, if she is weak or lacks skill, if she offers lame excuses, of if she does not participate fully for any other reason, the blame will be more easily laid on her."

Nowhere is his concern made more clear than on this, one of history's greatest tables of content:


Sexometric! Never has one page offered so many potential band names! I like to imagine that the title of chapter seven is also the title of the second album by a group called The Gluteal Squeeze.

Anyway, some of the reasons for America's sexual cluelessness are the same as in any open-minded old sex guide. Puritanism has left a nation scared to learn how to copulate pleasurably, and even as late as 1968 O'Reilly felt compelled to make statements like, "There is nothing wrong about enjoying sexual intercourse, any more than there is something wrong about enjoying a deep breath of fresh air." Pro Tip: Do the former outside, and you'll be doing the latter a lot, too -- unless your sad flabby lungs just collapse.

But O'Reilly's chief concern is our ill-health, which he purports to improve with a regimen of intense sexercising. Here's a big ol' batch of wonderful images from the book:

Want to be a better lover? Hang out in front of funhouse mirrors!


O'reilly's book is to squats what the Galapagos is to birds.


Much of the book is like some scandalous gif file just waiting to be created.


Like sex itself, sexercising is not merely a solo activity. Here, a happy couple use O'Reilly's techniques to find a deeper connection with each other ... and to pretend they can afford a table.


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Its the pelvic thrustthat really drives you insane.


With her pointy toes and ballet poses, I can't help feeling like the poor woman in the photo shoot thought that she was posing for some sort of exercise book and not the worlds least erotic  sex manual.

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