San Francisco Does Earth Day Best

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Whiskeydrunk Cycles (shown here at Maker Faire) will inhabit Earth Day San Francisco on Sunday.
Earth Day is Sunday, and over the years it has been criticized as ferment for anti-human pessimism or, worse, an opportunity for companies to "greenwash" their brands -- which is to say, pay lip service to environmental concerns while doing nothing. Such complaints whither in the face of the many facts showing that much awareness-raising remains to be done. For example, Americans still toss out rather than recycle 2.5 million plastic bottles -- every hour. In 1970, when the United Nations sanctioned Earth Day, it was the first international admission of a serious problem. Activists who had focused on isolated causes -- oil spills, deforestation, raw sewage, animal extinction -- suddenly found a single voice, and the largest secular holiday in the world. San Francisco was first to the party and, while 1 billion people from Tuvalu to Kiev have since joined, we might still do it best. Find out for yourself at Earth Day San Francisco.

Big sidewalk fish
The event has educational workshops on wind power and backyard beekeeping, for example, interspersed with taiko drummers, bhangra DJs, Aztec dancers, and samba lessons. Big Brother & The Holding Co. are among the musical acts. Fashionistas and art lovers can discover treasures made of garbage, while organic raw chefs educate foodies and children play on the environmental fairway.

The Green Film Festival presents documentaries, including a look at Donald Trump's intention to turn Scotland's last wilderness into a golf course. And then there's Whiskeydrunk Cycles, a group that conjures a simpler time, with bicycle stunts performed on a vertical track based on a vague design from the early 1900s.

While temperance is the better part of valor when mother nature is concerned, it does not have to be boring.

Earth Day San Francisco starts at 10 a.m. at Civic Center Plaza (Larkin at Fulton), S.F. Admission is free.

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Civic Center Plaza

Larkin, San Francisco, CA

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Jan Jan12
Jan Jan12

It is so important to honor our sacred mother earth, so we do and will all over the globe. It would great if all wars stopped to honor our precious planet earth. Our mother!!! It's so moving deeply in my heart to see so many of our brothers and sisters doing good for this fantastic home we have been given to be care-takers, care-givers of, share in the good news,views,ways to express our love for our mother earth and honor her and "walk in balance on mother earth". Was on a t-shirt I bought in the 1980s (1989). So celebrate, rejoice, laugh,hug,smile,do some good deed or act to our fellow beings and even think before throwing trash or gum or bottles or paper wrappers from cough drops,candy, or anything and put it in your pocket to throw away later or recycle or trash it in a can labeled. It doesn't take a lot of time or energy, do one good act of kindness each day and this could be a better world fr everyone, last longer too. HAPPY EARTH DAY------ MOTHER EARTH----------And to all of US blessed to live here on this precious planet called EARTH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Blessings, Peace, Happiness, Love to All!!!!!! Janice Alden

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