Here Is That 1965 "Problems of Sex Organ Size" Pamphlet You've Been Looking For

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Problems of Sex Organ Size

Author: Paul Williamson, M.D.
Date: 1965
Publisher: Sexology
Discovered at: San Francisco estate sale
All Those Rulers on the Cover Suggest: That men's stats would sound much more impressive if we would have switched over to metric.

Representative Quote:

"I read somewhere that the penis shows more variation in size and structure than the male face. This is probably quite true."

It's difficult to imagine that the quote above-- taken from the first of this pamphlet's three essays -- didn't stir serious doubts in the hearts of the concerned penis-measurers of 1965. What kind of serious academic study is satisfied with the citation "I read somewhere"? Does the author -- Dr. Paul Williamson -- specify the "male face" because the female's shows greater variation than the penis? If penises are so distinct, could pantslessness be a solution to face blindness?

After warming us up with that weirdness, Dr. Williamson whips out the facts you've been hungry for:

  • "The erect penis varies in length from about four and a half to eight inches in average men."
  • "The average is just under six inches."
  • "There are very few people -- say one of every 100 men -- who may be less than four and a half inches or more than eight inches long."
  • "As far as I know, the longest male penis ever recorded was just under fourteen inches."

That last fact is hopelessly out of date. In the late '70s, Warner Brothers recorded one that was almost five-foot-two:

Dr. Williamson adds, "The shortest, of course, is complete absence," which I think means that the tiniest penises make the heart grow fonder.

Here's his official 1965 widths:

"The diameter varies from less than an inch to over two inches, with the average at mid-shaft between one and one-half inches."
("Mid-shaft" is how the penises hang when a president dies.)

Dr. Williams lays it all out on a chart I dare you not to think about the next time your kids' school has a fundraiser:

If the fifth graders sell enough magazine subscriptions, the cafeteria gets a new uterus!

For the remainder of his essay, Dr. Williamson reassures men that a small penis is no impediment to a vigorous sex life. "It has nothing at all to do with the man's own gratification," he points out.

As for women:

"In most cases where the male organ is of small size, the wife finds it unimportant, or perhaps she doesn't even know that her husband has a penis shorter than average. The more promiscuous such a man is, the more likely it is that he will be told of his anatomic deficiency."

Women will like it just fine, just so long as they don't know any better.

Of course, even Dr. Williamson acknowledges that not all men are naturally going to satisfy all women. In these cases, he recommends that men might make up for their inadequacy by trying to feel connected to their wives:

"When the emotional component is brought into sex, the physical size or conformation of the sex organs makes very little difference to the wives."
To acquire this "emotional component" and other fine marital aids, ask your doctor for a prescription.

Oddly, Dr. Williamson seems to contradict his major claim every couple of paragraphs. He promises men that everything will be fine so long as they're tender and proficient and choose women who have enjoyed only a limited sampling of what the population offers. He insists that even a man who is understaffed can enjoy a lengthy, fulfilling marriage with a loving woman. But then he drops in this:

"Very possibly a woman who has enjoyed a superb sexual performer will not forget him. Their sighs are much more nostalgia than desire. It is nice to have seen Niagara Falls or Pike's Peak, but who would want to live there?"
Pike's Peak? Come on, Doc! You said we only had to beat six inches!

Shocking Detail:
You know how often, when someone is speaking on a controversial topic, he or she will air one said for a while and then get to a but that you can totally hear coming? In Dr. Williamson's case, that but never arrives:

"Popular theory has it that childbirth tends to ruin a woman as a sexual partner. Like many popular theories about sex, it has a germ of truth in it. Certainly having a child does tend to stretch and tear the muscles which hold close the vaginal opening and which are so essential in intercourse. Sometimes these muscles come back to normal, sometimes not."

Dr. Williamson reminds his readers that "marriage is not just a legalized sex binge" and urges men and women to accept that sex is only a part of a relationship. He argues:

"It would take a pair of real experts to devote more than 30 minutes a day to sex during a period of 30 years. What about the other 23 hours and 30 minutes every day?
Obviously, Dr. Williamson, those remaining hours are when good, sex-guide obeying married Americans of the 1960s go around telling everyone else that their sex is immoral!

The same estate sale had this thematically similar cookbook:


Look what just a bit of garnish can do to improve a weak cut!


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Arnold Handelman
Arnold Handelman

I do not agree that the only women who would like sex with a guy with a small penis, are women with limited experience. The guy can have oral and manual skills that give her arousal and orgasms every time, with his penis adding pleasure. Most nerve endings are in the first 3 inches of the vagina. The Gspot is 2-3 inches up the interior front wall of the vagina. The clitoris is basically external as are her nipples, mouth and other erogenous zones. Most women do not orgasm from penetration or at least penetration alone. I have read about women who were with men with a large penis, and ended up with a man with a smaller penis with whom she had much better sex. Of course some women do want or need a large penis to be satisfied. A very few actually prefer a small penis. Most are in the middle: they don't care as long as they are getting pleasure, fun, and orgasms. With love in the picture, penis size becomes even less important. Since men still will worry about penis size, they should check out an ebook by author Ernie Coyne, "15 Things You Can Do Right Now to Make Your Penis Look Bigger--Whatever Its Size". It's available onAmazon/Kindle, Nook, Apple iBookstore for iPad, Sony Reader Store, Kobo, Gardners,eBookPie, Baker & Taylor, and Copia. Read it on your computer with free appfrom each seller site or on your e-reader.


Yea I know, you have a very small pecker. How about 15 things you can do right now to make your pee pee look bigger. Wow you are funny. ROTFL

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