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New York Fashion Week

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​Unfortunately, this week in San Francisco fashion is a depressing one. Not because our citizens weren't looking fabulous as usual -- they always are -- but because this is the one week out of the year where some of us think it might be time to move to New York. Why? It's New York Fashion Week, of course. The biggest spectacle in American fashion kicked off Thursday, and although several shows are livestreamed this year in addition to the meticulous coverage they're bound to receive on every single fashion blog, it can't compare to being there. As you read this, you're missing Rebecca Minkoff and Tommy Hilfiger, two of the 328 shows scheduled this week.

Luckily, we have two things going for us. One, there are always plenty of writers who are ready to remind us of the fashion industry's dark side. My favorite cautionary tale this season is Cat Marnell's, which advises us to just sleep through the whole week. And two, not every fashionable gal in town is pining over Fashion Week like I am. Plenty of them still opted to get dressed up and go about their day as usual, which brings us to this week's outfits. Ethereal pinks and whites await you, so let's get started.

Kate Conger
​This looks like the coziest outfit ever. Lately, I've been very focused on finding outfits that look comfortable and easy to wear. I'm turning into the stereotypical writerly type who doesn't sleep, so I'm always grouchy in the morning and just want to put on something effortless. However, my version of relaxed and warm is definitely not this chic. Just look at the combination of that thick, fluffy sweater and the fur hood. Don't you want to snuggle up in that blend of textiles and fall asleep? I'm getting tired just thinking about it.

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Erin Browner
Erin Browner

Let the dog walk itself for goodness sake!Lovely as usual, Kate!

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