Skin for Sale: Auction and Fundraiser Lead to Two New Tattoos for SPCA's Laura Gretch

Laura Gretch and Jackson Galaxy now sport matching ink.
​Last week we told you about Laura Gretch of the San Francisco SPCA: She agreed to let the highest bidder in an eBay auction choose her next tattoo, and then get the winning design permanently applied at a fundraising event. Well, the auction brought in $550, and Gretch got not one tattoo but two -- and Jackson Galaxy of Animal Planet was so impressed, he got a copy of one of Laura's. The Friday event drew about 500 people, Gretch says, while more than 100 animals found new homes. It raised more than $4,000 (including the $550 from the auction), she says. She also reports there were so many people there, Flexx Bronco's Voodoo Van food truck ran out of food.

But more about those tattoos. Click through to see the winning design.

​The first is an SPCA logo, pays homage to something that Gretch describes as more than a job for her. The second -- chosen by the eBay bidder -- is a heart with the word "SPANEUTER" in the banner. It's a combination of the words "spay" and "neuter."

"Why is there no 'Y'?" Gretch asks. "Because there is no asking 'why' in spay/neuter. It's the right thing to do."

Galaxy, who has gained the reputation of being something of a "cat whisperer," was so impressed with the evening and the San Francisco SPCA that he agreed to also have the winning design applied to him.

In a bit of serendipity, Gretch says that just as she was getting one of her new tats, a stray cat named Wingman -- who Gretch considers a close friend -- found a home.

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Woah, those are two mugs, only a mother could love. Now I know why tigers eat their young.


Way to be an ass ringling.  I was there that night and i can tell you - i would not kick her outta bed. 


HA! What a scam. I was at that event and one of the volunteers told me the SPCA paid for that tattoo. Highest bidder? More like a marketing ploy. Great event nonetheless and they did have some cute pups. The food truck was delicious. I hope they do another one!


I was there too, and talked to one of the winning bidders - she was indeed an SPCA staff member, but I was told Laura did not know who.  And the money was personal cash, not organizational funds. If a staff member wants to donate money to their own organization, I think that is wonderful! 

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