My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, Season 1, Episodes 1 and 2

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Pilot episodes are tricky. Many potentially great shows have failed to get off the ground because of their pilot getting rejected, such as the legendary Harmon / Schrab / Stiller joint Heat Vision and Jack. But shows that do get picked up will ideally evolve and improve, and often the pilot can become clunky (or clunkier) in retrospect, particularly in this long-tail era when everything is available all the time and there is no such thing as "retrospect". Star Trek: The Next Generation's cringe-worthy pilot "Encounter at Farpoint," newly remastered and released on Blu-ray for the ages, is a classic example of that phenomenon.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic's two-part pilot "Friendship Is Magic" is by no means as tacky as "Encounter at Farpoint" -- and like The Next Generation, I suspect that the first season had already been purchased by the time the episode went into production, 'cuz those toys ain't gonna sell themselves -- but it still suffers from the problems that most pilots face: the need to tell a plot-driven story that makes the viewer want to come back for more, at the expense of establishing the characters beyond rudimentary sketches.

In fairness, the producers themselves usually don't yet know who the characters are beyond those sketches, which is where the aforementioned "evolving and improving" comes in, and after the pilot is out of the way, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic does turn into something great.

Taken collectively on their own merits, however, "Friendship Is Magic, Parts 1 and 2" make for a fun ride.

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And so it begins.  Just wait until Equestria Daily is reminded of this.  Then you'll start rolling in the hits.


Sorry for the nitpick but Rainbow isn't the male fans favorite. I'm referring to the first survey. 

As for the pilot, they were was nice but not my favorites. I wouldn't want to rewatch them except for nostalgia purposes. The characters are stereotypical (the shy one, the happy one, the tomboy) but it just clicked with me.

The ponies that really made an impression on me was Fluttershy (I cannot resist the shy girl) and Applejack (her southern accent was hypnotic to listen to).

What's funny is how much I hated Rarity in the pilot. My intitial reaction was that I hated her because she sounded way too old and the "character who cares nothing but fashion" type really grated me. But she grow on me with subsequent episodes showing that her interest in fashion wasn't about consumerism but creativity.

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