SF Weekly Cover Causes Fraternal Distress on Parenthood

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We'll tear this family apart.
​Like a good Boss Hogg scheme or the possibility of an attic bedroom, SF Weekly turned TV siblings against each other last night.

Over on NBC's Parenthood, which is set in the East Bay and is more about parenting than the 'hood, entrepreneurial brothers Adam and Crosby found all their old-time jealousy and resentment of and toward each other stoked by an SF Weekly cover story about the music studio they have been running.

Of course, that cover story turns out to be -- as Genevieve Koski at the AV Club puts it -- "a fawning, cliché-ridden profile of Adam." This upsets his brother Crosby, who feels he should have been in the story, too. (We hope Mother Teresa, the subject of this week's actual cover, is not getting yelled at by any jealous siblings of hers.)

Here's a shaky video of the ensuing fracas and make up. (Or you can watch on Hulu, where "limited commercial interruption" means "the same commercial three times per show.")

We're touched to be featured on the show, of course, even if they do keep calling us "The San Francisco Weekly," which sounds a little bit like we're the Rice-a-Roni of newspapers, and even if we can't quite fathom that Parenthood's fictional SF Weekly reporter gave "advance" copies of the paper to the people she was writing about, which is not just iffy ethics-wise but a time-bending impossibility.

The cast waves around a realistic-looking SF Weekly cover, and the producers of Parenthood consulted a bit with our art director to get the look and logo right. That said, the art director, Andrew J. Nilsen, explained at amusing length this morning all the things he would have done to make that cover better, and then ten minutes later received word that he and his illustrators had won more awards. Nice work, Andrew!

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Michael Nilsen
Michael Nilsen

Seriously SF Weekly, at least spell my little bro's last name correctly - NILSEN.

Alan Scherstuhl
Alan Scherstuhl

Ouch! It's fixed ... and it's nice to see some brothers sticking together in these days of fraternal dustups!

W. Kamau Bell
W. Kamau Bell

As someone who has been on the cover of the SF Weekly, it was weird how much I related to last night's episode. I related so much that my wife found it extremely annoying every time I said so out loud.

And yeah... I DIDN'T GET NO ADVANCE COPIES! I has to get up at 5am the Wednesday it came out and scour the cold. dank, dark streets like a sucker!!!

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