S.F. Street Fashion: Animal Prints and Sass Lessons

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Kate Conger
​Happy New Year, you pretty city-dwellers! It's time to make a resolution, and, even though it's belated, I finally have mine. It was inspired by a woman I spotted on the street this week (you'll find her photo below). She had to be at least 60 years old, but she was still strutting down Market Street in a great outfit, looking fabulous. I instantly thought, "Wow, I want to be just like her when I get older." But there's no reason for any of us to wait until we go gray to settle into our sense of style and rock it with confidence. So my resolution is to hone my personal style, and from all the looks I spotted on the street this week, it seems I'm not alone. I noticed lots of personal touches from people who took an ordinary silhouette or trend and made it their own. Click through to check them out.

red hat lady.jpg
Kate Conger
​Here she is: my fabulous fashion muse this week. The soft gray color comes to life with the pops of cherry, and I love the long trench coat on her.

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Didn't realize my earlier comment defaulted to the first page. Although all the photos are great, I especially love the one of page 4. Great outfit, great pic and great looking woman.


Love this girls outfit. Simple yet very put together. She has class written all over her. Great photo!

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