Ugly Christmas Sweater T-Shirts Are Apparently A Thing Now

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Check out these incredibly fashionable "ugly sweater" t-shirts! They cost $20 which is only what some idiot in San Francisco would spend on an ironic t-shirt. This is the reason Missouri hates us.

Makers Vardagen advertise, "All the flair of an ugly christmas sweater on a soft, ringspun cotton t-shirt that can be worn year 'round!" because when you're summering in the Hamptons, what you need is a t-shirt with a fake Christmas sweater on it.

Listen, the only thing cool about christmas sweaters is that they're uncool. The more applique and puffy paint, the better. Making Threadless-lite t-shirt versions is the exact opposite of everything that's awesome about them. This is like when Hollywood remakes Korean horror flicks, it just desecrates the pure amazingness of the original. Do not disrespect a million awesome grandmothers with this garbage. Just knock it off.

However, the photos. The photos, they are the best thing on the internet.

That's totally an Old Navy ladies vest. Work it!

Also, I love the models in a wind tunnel thing. Tyra is somewhere, crying with pride.

Tweak that nipple, girl!

And a sudden shift in wind direction! Nice scarf, Thelma.

Holy crap, these photos are SO GREAT.
I've seriously got a boot on my head.

No, no, it's just too crazy!
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fun, but for $20 at least this agency promo / holiday fundraiser site is donating the money to a pet shelter:


For Christmas I want some beard shaving Amish on parole who will shave unsuspecting beard wearing hipsters in my hood!

Heather Cummings
Heather Cummings

Yeah, way to ruin ugly Christmas sweaters dudes. (I agree that the photos are pretty amazing though.)

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