Five Reasons We Love Cat Videos So F#$@!ing Much

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​Because way back in the day some enterprising young chap decided it would be a good idea to keep little tigers in our homes, we now have the evolutionary result of centuries of domestication: the house cat.

They might be equipped with claws and fangs, but these weird, reclusive roommates of ours who sleep on windowsills, won't stay the fuck off the kitchen counter, and make us feel strangely okay about keeping boxes of literal shit in our homes are as beloved as family members.

They're also funny as hell, which is one reason YouTube is packed with videos of folks' favorite felines. And let's be honest -- who hasn't spent the majority of an afternoon giggling at one cat video after another?

Here are five more reasons we fucking love cat videos so goddamn much.

1. Cats are good for your health.

The studies don't lie: People with pets tend to live longer, experience less stress, have lower blood pressure, and generally be happier than people in whose homes you don't hear that Ennio Morricone song from The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly in your head as cat-hair tumbleweeds billow past.

Therefore, taking a break at work to watch a video of a fucking balls-to-the-wall adorable kitty at the vet's office being calmed by the magic of a strategically placed big, black binder clip when we're supposed to be entering some kind of data into some kind of spreadsheet is on par with preventive health care.

We'll go from wanting to stab a pen through our co-worker's hand to wanting to jump up and down and clap, because we're totally going to try that on our cat, like, the second we get home.


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