Ten Silly Old Baby Photos With Even Sillier Business Man Captions: A Meme From the '50s

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Oh, Baby!

Author: None listed; photos by Connie Bannister
Date: 1953
Publisher: Brown & Bigelow, St. Paul, MN
Discovered at: Out of the Closet Thrift, Berkeley

Thanks to the communications technology offered by sites like Meme Generator, as well as our social awkwardness and copious amounts of post-industrial free time, America today leads the world in the generation of funny captions for stupid photos.

Back before the age of the copy-and-pastable image, before just any interested party could slap some nonsense on picture of Pedobear or Business Cat, lulz took some serious work. In the case of Oh, Baby!, a baffling 1953 pamphlet built around a business-man baby meme, it took a publisher, a well-known photographer, and a cartload of babies.


You also need someone to write terrible little captions about how babies look like businessmen.


That one's sweet, but this next kid makes me want to Occupy Day Care:


Today, these photos remind us that corporations are not only people, too -- they're infants. That leaves the rest of us to clean up after them.


That embarrassed baby is the who thought up Quixter.

1953's crop of kiddos was especially plump and pale. Also, they were good sports about grown ups affixing crap to their faces for comedy.


This next one is legitimately scary:


If you start finding them cute, remember: Baby Businessmen will charge you $5 to use a debit card.

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