At Occupy SF, Kick-Ass Live Music Inspires Crazy-Ass Ranting

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Erin Sherbert
​Inspired and inspiring, the Occupy SF Arts and Performance Series has dedicated itself to inviting local artists of serious quality to the occupied streets, where they then proceed to raise a ruckus of aesthetic note.

Of course, lesson one about art on the streets of San Francisco is that the streets of San Francisco are themselves already filled with art, especially of the shouty variety. Witness this extraordinary video from the essential Occupy SF Arts and Performance Tumblr.

Charith Premawardhana and Matthew Szemela of Classical Revolution are just cold tearing up on their violins, filling the streets with life and beauty and urgency and etc. The life already on those streets responds with similar vigor, especially after the 1:30 mark.

Then, at 1:50, Mr. Shirtless ambles up. He returns at 2:40 to holler "Totally boring!"

Anyway, as near as we can make out, here's the things shouted at these two violin improvisers:

"Is your agenda to keep a woman's right to choose intact?"
"Totally boring! Totally boring! You're boring"
"Richard Wagner! Richard Wagner!"
"Smells like garbage!"
"You are what's left of the spit!"
"When I got back from Viet Nam, you called me a baby killer!"

You can catch Classical Revolution's weekly chamber-music series at the Revolution Cafe each Monday night. The mood is un-fussy, but the shirtless heckling is minimal. Also, on Thursday, October 27, look for a special CR performance at Pause Wine Bar. These shows all start at 8 p.m.
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Lessia Bonn
Lessia Bonn   PS. If anybody needs a one minute chant, a whole lot of locals put one together here. To be specific; the wife of the retired police chief in Carmel, a high school teacher from Marin, an engineer, a pharmacist, 2 realtors, a songwriter, two passionate moms with their soulful daughter, a precocious teen...We tried to put Occupy into one minute--filmed in Sonoma--for anybody who can possibly use it...

Lessia Bonn
Lessia Bonn   We're nearby in Sonoma, originally from Santa Barbara, I was raised in SF til I was ten and have always felt like SF in my heart's home. Recently we made this vid to support the caus--kinda like our own sign. The girl singers are off in college so we just have the vid but it's met with a huge positive response. If anyone can use it, please feel free! It's very positive and after the mess in Oakland, we're thinking a bit of positive energy might be in order. Occupy with music! Sincerely, Lessia Bonn from I am Bullyproof 

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