1953's "100-Point Behavior Test for Teen-Agers" Thinks You're a Whore

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100 Point Behavior Test for Teenagers

Author: George W. Crane, PhD, MD
Date: 1953
Publisher: George W. Crane, PhD, MD

Representative Quote:

"Your score on this test is based on your 'usual' or typical behavior; not on an isolated example. Thus, a person who says 'Darn it' when he strikes his thumb with a hammer is not necessarily addicted to excessive use of slang."
Like some ambitious Lucy Van Pelt, Dr. George W. Crane offered bizarre and sometimes cruel psychological advice to anyone who could pony up some pocket change.

For just twenty cents - four of the nickels Lucy demanded - Dr. Crane would mail troubled American one of his many ostensibly helpful pamphlets. Each proclaiming his many credentials on the cover, these bore names like "How to Operate Your Home on a Budget," "Sex Problems of Young People," "Tests for Husbands and Wives," and this nasty gem:


We'll get to the test for teens momentarily, but first, to understand the man behind it, here's a sampling of "Sex Differences Between Men and Women & Nagging Wives," which is not at all about the men/woman/nagging wife threesome its title suggests. Instead, its a two-fer: Crane's thoughts on sex differences followed by his professional opinion on the subject of nagging - or "sexually unsatisfied" - wives:
"Woman will subconsciously try to irritate their husbands into laying their hands upon them. They crave physical contact even if they must provoke the husbands to anger. They don't always want a complacent type of man across the table. They often want he-man contact."
"The Taming of the Shrew is an excellent case in point. These shrews can be made into loving, devoted mates if they are fed caresses and satisfactory sexual indulgences."
"They crave caveman tactics. More husbands have lost their wives entirely through meekness than through violence and physical beatings administered to women."
(Note: This is not the city charter of Topeka, Kansas.)

Anyway, that's worth bearing in mind when subjecting yourself to Dr. Crane's evaluation below.

I found his "100 Point Behavior Test for Teenagers" leaflet tucked inside a copy of his larger pamphlet, Sex Education From 2 to 20 Years, which I swear to cover eventually.

His bear that in mind when Dr. Crane's evaluation.


He asks you to consider a list of behavioral merits and demerits, and to score yourself for each that you routinely exhibit. Among the merits:

  • "Plays a musical instrument."
  • "Teaches a Sunday School class."
  • "Can typewrite by the touch system."
  • "Depends on an alarm clock instead of mamma to get u in the morning."
  • "Abides by standard cllege curfew - not over than 2 late dates per week."

Interesting, but like most moralists Dr, Crane is more inspired assailing vice than celebrating virtue. From his list of demerits:

  • "Careless about flushing toilets."
  • "'Sticky fingered' - steals."
  • "Reads obscene literature or carries nude pictures to show friends."
  • "Fails to clean comb after using it."
  • "Careless about personal cleanliness - 'B.O.', dandruff, halitosis, etc."
  • "Does unnecessary work on the Sabbath, as homework, etc.)"
  • "A bedwetter."
  • "Sassy or impolite."
  • "Shows race, religious, or color prejudice."

At first I found that last one encouragingly high minded for 1953. Then I realized that Dr. Crane is against "show"ing racial prejudice - but he has nothing to say here about harboring it.

For most merits and demerits, you score one point. Then, you subtract your demerits from your merits to arrive at a score.

Some behaviors count for more. "Regular church attendance" is a 10 point merit, while showing prejudice is a demerit of five, meaning going to services is worth twice as much hatred as you can muster. But "Illicit sexual relations" will sink you for twenty, which is interesting: in '53, doin' it was four time worse than racism.

The complete test is on the next page, just after the self-promotional links below. See how you do! I scored 9 points, which makes me, in Dr. Crane's scheme, an emotional kindergartner.

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And next is the complete "100-Point Behavior Test for Teen-Agers."

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-9, hooray for me.


Our country turned to shit when we stopped doling out DEMERITS!


This was very instructive. Could you do a follow-up connected to the old "Goofus and Gallant" series? I think it was in Highlights or something. The magazine's motto was "Fun with a Purpose." 

This could become a regular public-service feature!


The real surprise in this list for me is seeing that being late for school is considered 3 times worse than sharing porn with your friends. Who knew porn was so widespread in the 50's.



I win.


-43 here! I think I just edged you out. Wanna go curse behind the bike sheds and refuse to make our beds together?

Erika Kern
Erika Kern

Spent most of the list in negative numbers but finished at 22.I don't think I'd like to meet anyone this man would consider a mature adult. 


damn those illicit sexual activities. That makes me a kindergartener!!

I love how you get 5 demerits for religious prejudice and the test itself is prejudiced toward anyone who isn't christian....

Alan Scherstuhl
Alan Scherstuhl

I don't get why he thinks it's kindergartners who have all the sex.


-30...I think it was the alcohol and the illicit sexual relations that did for me.


I got a -13, which makes me think I should crash some more parties


I got minus 28! I guess that puts me at the embryonic stage of emotional maturity.


I scored a 23. Alas.

scored 14
scored 14

I think "Careless about flushing toilets" should be worth a hell of a lot more demerits than using profanity.


*Sigh* - I scored 22. Emotional Kindergarten it is for me.  I think being an athiest and not having the honour roll system in the UK kind of screwed me there.  Having a sex life probably didn't help either.

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