The Top 10 "Wait, What?" Moments from Bad Movie Night, Part 2: N - Z

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Shark Attack III: Megalodon: How To Pick Up Girls (NSFW).

This wonderfully vulgar line of dialogue was reportedly ad-libbed by actor John Barrowman, and we all thank David Worth -- director of the MST3K classic Warrior of the Lost World -- for keeping it in.

Superman IV: The Quest for Peace: The Great Wall of "Wait, What?"

Now, it's not fair to expect anything resembling logic or reason from a superhero movie. But Warner Brothers handed off the already misconceived Superman IV: The Quest for Peace to producers-for-hire Cannon Films, who siphoned a majority of the effects budget to their own Masters of the Universe. Net result: Superman rebuilds the Great Wall of China with his eyes.

Traxx: Robert Davi Farts, Car Explodes, Science Weeps.

An unsuccessful attempt to turn Shadoe Stevens (beloved to many of us as TV pitchman Fred Rated) into an action star, it's a cheerfully goofy movie with an ending that sets a bar for fart jokes that even today's methane-obsessed films have yet to match. Get to work, Hollywood!

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Sherilyn Connelly
Sherilyn Connelly

For all the TRAXX fans out there, I would like to acknowledge my factual error: the Robert Davi fart-explosion actually occurs about twenty minutes before the end.  But in our hearts, we know that's the true climax of the film.

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