The Top 10 "Wait, What?" Moments from Bad Movie Night, Part 2: N - Z

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When I mention that I run The Dark Room's weekly Bad Movie Night -- a live Mystery Science Theater 3000-type show where we heckle movies -- I'm often asked to name the worst movie we've ever done. Inevitably, I have a High Fidelity brain-fade and can't remember anything we've done besides Adam Sandler's Eight Crazy Nights.

Which is a rotten movie, sure, but there are over 250 others to choose from. It's all subjective, of course -- de gustibus non est disputandum, y'know what I'm sayin'? We're just having fun, and we do the movies no harm.

So let's pick up where we left off last time (if you haven't read Part 1 yet, go ahead, I'll wait) with some more moments which have left us puzzled, shaking our heads, or just generally saying "Wait, what?" They aren't necessarily the worst movies we've done at Bad Movie Night, or the worst moments in these particular movies. Consider them things you may have missed the first time around -- or wish you had.

Purple Rain: Prince Purifies Apollonia in Lake Minnetonka (NSFW).

Purple Rain has one of the best soundtracks ever, and the musical sequences are electrifying. (Yeah, I said electrifying.) As for the rest of it...look, I'm pretty sure Prince is supposed to be the hero, or at least the protagonist, of the film. But, dude, seriously, the whole "humiliating a girl for taking off her clothes when it was your idea in the first place" thing is not cool.

The Ring Two: Oh, Deer.

In this unnecessary (and numerically challenged) sequel to the unnecessary American remake of the J-Horror classic Ringu, a herd of CGI deer attack a car. 'nuff said.

Next: John Barrowman wants to go to Boca (if you know I mean and I think you do), Superman's super-masonry, and the best car explosion ever.

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Sherilyn Connelly
Sherilyn Connelly

For all the TRAXX fans out there, I would like to acknowledge my factual error: the Robert Davi fart-explosion actually occurs about twenty minutes before the end.  But in our hearts, we know that's the true climax of the film.

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