The Top 10 "Wait, What?" Moments from Bad Movie Night, Part 1: A - M

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Every Sunday at 8pm at The Dark Room, I run a Mystery Science Theater 3000-type show called Bad Movie Night. It's pretty simple: we show movies, people in the front row with microphones riff on them, and the audience is invited to join in.

It's totally fun, and in my unbiased opinion, you should come every week.

Of course, lots of people -- even my beloved Exhibitionist überlords -- can get cranky when we apply the b-word to their favorite movies. I understand why, but in the long run, we do the movies no harm, and concepts of "good" and "bad" are subjective and arbitrary.

Speaking of arbitrary, here are some moments which have left us puzzled, shaking our heads, or just generally saying "Wait, what?" They aren't necessarily from the worst movies we've done, or the worst moments therein. Consider them moments you may have missed -- and if you want to play the Bad Movie Night home game, leave your riffs in the comments!

Bad Boys II: Michael Bay Hates Poor People

Almost every scene of every Michael Bay film is appalling, but for my money, nothing comes close to the wanton destruction of a poor Cuban neighborhood. Lip service is given to them being "drug dealer shacks" where cocaine is made, thus allowing for a few explosions. I guess that's drug dealer laundry on those clotheslines? Ugh. Also: fruit cart!

Battlefield Earth: Kerbango Gets Leverage

I didn't make this particular edit, and I personally think it's a bit overdone, but it gets the point across: in the movie Battlefield Earth (declared the Worst Movie of the 2000s by the Razzies), the words "Kerbango" and "leverage" are used a lot.

Next: Twiki helps Buck Rogers drink to life, Captain Kirk forgets his Universal Translator, and Gandalf displays improper sword etiquette.

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