Janet Reitman Goes Where No One Else Wants To: Inside Scientology

As far as great and powerful wizards go, L. Ron Hubbard, David Miscavige, and other high-level thetan-counters at the Church of Scientology have at last reached the "pay no attention to the man behind the curtain" phase.

Just one tiny crumb of Scientological WTF.
​High-level defections, public embarrassments, and excellent journalism have exposed the church that the press once feared. It now seems less mighty, more controlling, and much weirder than had long been rumored. (This might be the first time that the New Yorker completed the knockout of a target that South Park softened up.)

Janet Reitman's book Inside Scientology provides the fairest, most thorough account of the church yet. Reitman, who speaks tomorrow night, traces Hubbard's big idea from conception to self-help manual to money-suck religion to purported evil empire to motivator of Tom Cruise's hyperactivity.

Janet Reitman
​Along the way, she digs deep into the alarming stories of ex-members who have escaped from the church, the maritime mysteries of Sea Org, the tragic death of Lisa McPherson, Miscavige's disastrous courting of celebrities such as Cruise, and the now-familiar accusations of abuse and chicanery that Scientology's army of lawyers have been unable to stanch.
Janet Reitman reads Tue., September 13 at 7:00pm at the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco. Admission is $17-$20.

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Jewish Community Center of San Francisco

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I read the book and it's got lots of interesting and alarming information in it. Hope it's a big turnout. The Jewish community in particular needs to know what Scientology really is and Reitman will provide that information in her reading. The church has been working on the Jewsish community for a while now, for them to gain acceptance as religion and as a friend of the Jews, but what Reitman has to say from her research will be a real eye opener.


"Excellent journalism"?  That is laughable. 

Mush-minded media mongrels lining up to lick the hand of anyone who denigrates Scientology, and having large numbers of toadies, doesn't make anti-Scientology journalistic output any less one-sided or choked with half-truths, unsubstantiated accusations, and well chosen psychologically loaded words. I have yet to see one such article take up--except derogatorily--Scientologists' volunteer work in free (and completely secular) inner-city literacy centers, anti-drug lectures in public schools, convict-reform in prisons, and (of course not free) detox/rehab centers that leverage breakthroughs originally made by Hubbard.The saying goes that if you want to see whose actions expose and endanger the mega-corporate status quo, look whom the press is demonizing. Buying press coverage isn't cheap; the money has to come from big advertisers' pressuring editors for the content they want. Since Scientologists consume far less prescription drugs--and no psychiatric drugs--compared to the national average, Scientology is not a trend that Big Pharma and its ad dollars want to see covered honestly. They want you swiping plastic for them till you die of their side effects. 


KeepOnLearning must be an OSA bot.

Hubbard was a total fraud.


Literacy centres? You mean those using methods disproven and denounced thoroughly by qualified educationalists....methods invented by a man - L Ron Hubbard - with no educational background who lied about his qualifications and bought a fake PhD from an unaccredited degree mill 'Sequoia University'? Detox/rehab centers? You mean those using disproven methods including repetetive saunas and dangerously high doses of vitamins, with no scientific peer-reviewed evidence for efficacy, and denounced as unethical by professionals and scientists...all of this invented by a man - L Ron Hubbard - with no medical qualifications or background whatsoever, and yet claimed to be an expert on nuclear physics.Buying press coverage? Whenever Scientology is mentioned in any article, Google ads pops up for Scientology. Check out the sheer amount of Scientology PR-spam on twitter and the spam pushed by PR companies for Scientology in Google news, etc.Convict-reform in prisons? A system invented by a man - L Ron Hubbard - with a criminal conviction and a jail sentence in France for fraud and a criminal conviction for theft in the US. A system administered under the umbrella of an organisation - the 'Church' of Scientology - with criminal convictions, including for the largest case of domestic espionage ever in the US, including infiltrations and thefts from 136 government agencies, foreign embassies and consulates, as well as private organizations critical of Scientology, carried out by Church members, in more than 30 countries (Operation Snow White) - a crime for which L Ron Hubbard's own wife was jailed with other senior Scientologists.

The crimes and human rights abuses of the 'Church' of Scientology are now plain for all to see, along with court records and other proof.


Yet--your yapping aside--isn't it amazing that the people who attend and utilize these services come out happier and more able? 

And, since the Purification Rundown has been in multi-continental operation for more than 30 years--with TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DETOXED GRADUATES--it has far over-proven its value. And that it has ZERO health dangers.

But the psychotics in our society don't want that bit of knowledge to get out, do they? Aren't we all supposed to be on some form of psych-meds or recreational druuuuhgs. Dude.


Interesting that you don't refute any of it. Because it is all true and verifiable.

Astrology has millions of believers. And zero empirical evidence: like scientology, dianetics, narCONon, and every other $cientology front group. Just saying something is not evidence. And buying into corporate $cientology's thought reform program does not make one free to think.Let's not forget, though, the good work of the Citizens' Commission on Human Rights who campaign against psychiatry and psychology, whose president Jan Eastgate has been charged with Perverting the Course of Justice in Australia for covering up the rape of a minor by a fellow Scientologist. Nice work on human rights there. Listen to the lyrics of 'Fitter Happier' by Radiohead, and the dark undertones and ending perfectly mirrors the brainwashed Brave New World of Scientology. "fitterhappiermore productivecomfortablenot drinking too muchregular exercise at the gym (3 days a week)getting on better with your associate employee contemporariesat easeeating well (no more microwave dinners and saturated fats)a patient better driverless chance of illnessa good memory"But ultimately, beyond the brainwashing:"no chance of escapea pigin a cageon antibiotics"


As in "happier and more able" like Scientology 'Minister' and OT7 Rex Fowler, who shot a young father 3 times execution style, rather than pay him money he was owed?Or do you mean "happier and more able" like the President of Scientology front group CCHR Jan Easgate, arrested for covering up the sexual molestation of a child?


Does anyone else find it ironic that a person named KeepOnLearning follows a religion that suppresses and punishes independent thought?


Except the ones who are dead. The Purif rundown is merely nonsense with no credible basis if you are healthy, but massive quantities of niacin can be really, really dangerous for someone with liver damage, such as many drug addicts.

Even if you survive, the 70% success rate claimed is blatantly phoney.

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