Notes and Photos from an Extended S.F. Art Crawl

August is the month when most of the world goes on vacation and makes you feel a bit of a chump for staying put in a dubious staycation in the half-deserted city. Many theaters and concert venues go dark, and some galleries reduce their viewing hours. Unless you're happy to pay more than $200 for Big Music Festival tickets, you might fear you're stranded in a city as bereft of cultural offerings as your average American city, which is a grim prospect indeed. But starting late last week we found a plethora of unusual events, so maybe there is hope for the people without a cabin in Tahoe.
Evan Wilson, aka ESK in Expose gallery at McLoughlin Gallery.jpg

Evan Wilson, who goes by ESK, has his first city show in McLoughlin Gallery's smaller space, Expose Gallery. In "Layers," ESK paints on transparent panels arranged in asymmetrical formations in different plains of relief. Imagine graffiti stained glass. Props to McLoughlin's Expose Gallery, in 49 Geary, for giving, um, exposure to street-art-inspired work, and that of an emerging artist, in one of San Francisco's toniest venues.
attendee Fraenkel gallery.jpg
This is the most entertaining outfit I've ever come across at Fraenkel Gallery, also in 49 Geary. This lady conquered the Russian Cossack/Native American/steampunk look I can never quite pull off without looking like I looted the San Francisco Opera costume closet. It was quite warm in the galleries, and I wondered whether she was hot in her fur hat and velvet bustier. The feather belt was a nice touch, and the suspender pouches left her hands free. I like to think that's where she keeps her snuff and silver bullets.

Next up: 111 Minna and Adobe Bookshop

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Fraenkel Gallery

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Lee Roswell
Lee Roswell

Funny, not a single mention about the artwork in that 111 Minna show. It's all about getting past those ropes to get a free mouthful of- I guess you call it- "elitism." And if this is called "journalism", you should know the work you have pictured from that show is all mine, Lee Harvey Roswell. You have NoMe credited, but you actually missed including any of his work. Maybe less brie next time.


The error has been corrected. Thanks for pointing it out.

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