S.F. Street Style: Personal Panache Shines in S.F.

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Kate Conger

I usually don't go out looking for a week's worth of fashionistas alone. More often than not, my boyfriend goes with me. He's really enthusiastic; pointing out eye-catching passersby and saying, "What about her?" He says it really loudly, so the person can usually hear. (If you've experienced a couple awkwardly checking you out recently, it was us. Sorry.) But despite his sharp eye, I don't always photograph the people he notices. I think it's because I'm looking for specific things that I have trouble explaining to him.

Personal style is difficult to articulate. For me, it's not just about picking a nice outfit off a mannequin. It's all about the way individual fashion evolves after the shopping stops and the creative process begins. I like seeing surprising combinations that could only have come from a unique closet. Check out the stylish people I met this week.

Kate Conger

This is Krylon. He's a cashier at Whole Foods, and constantly sweet and chatty. I told him I was spending the day shooting photos for a fashion blog, and he said, "I'm ready," whipped of his apron, confident in the outfit beneath. I couldn't argue; he was ready. He sewed these python-print pants himself, and matched them with lavender plugs, sweater, and shoes. The shade of purple is flattering and muted enough to complement the wild print.

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Alan Scherstuhl
Alan Scherstuhl

Kylon has rung me up before. He always says something that makes it an event.

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