Art, Performance, and Odd Wares Rise Above Mid-Market Din in 'The Cries of San Francisco'

Larissa Archer
The revolution will be put on pinback buttons.
Many addressed heavier issues than one would expect in this context, yet with a light touch. The Class War Store, run by Art for a Democratic Society, offered tips on effective protesting, readymade tirades, and progressive slogan buttons (and yes, it's on Etsy).

Larissa Archer
Maja Ruznic readies for destruction.
​Maja Ruznic, Emotional Trash Collector, will listen to your problems while drawing your portrait and then symbolically destroy them in a ritualistic manner (I'm guessing she burns the paper?).

Binta Ayofemi at the Ice Store offered a "Toast to the Arab Spring" with much-appreciated icewater and close to the most delicious cookies I've ever tasted, flavored with rosewater and chickpea.

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