Morgan Went from Union Ironworking Man to S.F. Queer Woman; Hear Her Stories

The astonishing (and astonished) Morgan
Morgan fell into her new gender. Okay, that's a big oversimplification. But it's an amazing story, so bear with us. Morgan had a career as a union ironworker. At the time, Morgan was a man. Morgan the man helped put up many buildings and worked on countless construction sites. At age 50, he had a horrific accident on a job site -- falling nearly two stories with nothing to break the fall but the structure of the unfinished building.

During the recovery, Morgan realized a lot of things. He'd always felt uncomfortable as a man. Although he liked being an ironworker, it was one of numerous ways he'd overcompensated for the innate sense that he really should be a woman. Before the accident, he had considered making the transition but ruled it out because of age and physical appearance. In the hospital, however, Morgan found a new rationale: "I said to myself, 'There are plenty of ugly fucking women out there -- so I'm doing this!'"

Meet Morgan the woman, who appears Friday at the Dark Room.

We saw her last fall at a storytelling event, and the whole crowd thought the 10-minute time limit wasn't nearly enough for even this one story. So Friday you get more tales and more Morgan in Hold Still ... I Want to Tell You a Story. She still talks rough like an ironworker (you can see that much in the clip above -- as well as some hysterical observations on what trannies aren't told after their reassignment surgery), and her East Coast sensibility puts her in league with nearly any stand-up comedian. But she intersperses the outlandish with the personal and sentimental to bring home the heavier parts of her life story. You'll laugh. You'll cry. And you'll not soon forget Morgan.

Hold Still ... I Want to Tell You a Story starts at 8 p.m. at the Dark Room Theater, 2263 Mission (at 18th St.). Admission is $10.

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