How to Disable Facebook's Facial Recognition Feature, Courtesy of the EFF

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We mainly use Facebook as a way to play online Boggle, but the site's recently revealed feature that uses facial recognition to automatically suggest tags in pictures has creeped us out. What's worse, it's automatically enabled for all Facebook users -- you have to delve deep into your privacy settings in order to disable it.

Luckily, the Electronic Frontier Foundation has put out a very quick and easy tutorial on how to disable the setting, part of their continuing efforts to protect the privacy of Facebook users.

"We'd prefer it Facebook would launch these news features with the default to off, and then people would opt-in in order share more," said Eva Galperin, an activist with EFF. "Instead, they have to go this rather Byzantine process, sometimes for features they are not even aware that have been added to the site."

For those too lazy to watch a video (hey, we've been there), full instructions after the jump.

​1. Select "Privacy Settings," found in the dropdown at the top-right of your Facebook page.


2. Click the "Customize Settings" link.


3. Scroll down a page and a half or so, and find the settings listed under the subhed "Things Other Share." Look for "Suggest photos of me to friends" and hit "Edit Setting."


4. By default, this will be set to "Enabled." Hit the dropdown, and turn it over to "Disabled."

Et voila! While this won't prevent your friends from tagging you in a picture from that one weekend in Tijuana, it will at least make it so they have to work at it a little bit.

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Why does it creep you out?


Mein erster Post zum Thema verschwand nach einem Tag, strange, what's going on here...

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