A Grand Dame of Drag, and a New Girl Teaches Makeup

Hey, all. Nice to see you have survived the Rapture intact. Well, at least for the next five months! I almost thought I was going down for the count myself, but as it turns out, it was just a cold. (Hence the missing post last week.)

So this week, I'm a bit behind, reviewing something that will have closed by the time you read this post. Why review it then, you ask? Well, talent has no time constraints, and these performers will surely be peddling their "wares" for many a year to come. (Or five months, whichever comes first.)

On Thursday night, I ventured out to TJT (the Jewish Theatre) to see the latest production by the Triptych Theater, Katya Takes You Home. To be honest, (I know, why start now, right?) I refused my first invitation to see this. Why? Well, I know this won't be a popular viewpoint, and it goes against my rule of never saying anything bad about anyone (in print) ... but, well, I always got this impression that The Countess Katya Smirnoff-Skyy was a bit of a cold fish. I don't know whether it was just the persona, or my lack of time getting to know the actor, J. Conrad Frank, who portrays Katya. But through much prodding by my theatrical peers (that means I have dramatic friends, or friends in the theater), who consistently sing his praises, and a recent warming of our acquaintance, I relented, and attended this production.

Up next, Katya's revenge.

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