Columnist Anna Pulley Flies Through the Air with the Greatest of ... Fear, but She Beats It

Self-proclaimed social-media mistress Anna Pulley spent time on a trapeze last week as a way to "kick [her] malaise in the balls" and overcome a number of personal fears. Pulley writes the technology advice column Dear Anna for us on Thursdays.

In a 90-minute session, she learned to swing on a trapeze, let go, and catch the arms of someone swinging from another trapeze. She writes on her blog what led her to the experience, and she posted the above video of the outcome.

Pulley is a Grade-A smart-aleck when it comes to social commentary. That's one reason we like her. But she's not the type to make snide remarks about others without getting out there and subjecting herself to ridicule -- which is why we like her more than other self-proclaimed social-media mistresses.

She writes that the trapeze session was a step toward overcoming what sounds like a pretty horrific fear of, well, everything since getting hit by a car on her bicycle. "I've skydived. I've cliff-dived. I've gotten lost on midnight hikes in mountains. I've done almost every reckless thing you can imagine in the name of adventure," she writes, so she sure as hell wasn't going to let herself back down from this.

"In an hour and a half, I went from total novice to catching someone's arms midair," she writes. "The trainer said I was a natural, and it was exactly what I needed."

She even quotes the Buddha. Read it all here in Easy Trapezey.

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Fantastic to see her conquer her fear!


No matter what Ms. Pulley is doing, she rocks!

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