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Hey look everyone, it's cute!
​Said it before, we'll say it again: Volunteer. Especially if you're unemp. or ret.

It's "nice," right? Of course, but it's also frescante for you, refreshing, invigorating. We were gonna say that volunteering is "fun," but it's often better than fun, more than fun. Hence the resort to Fauxtalian.

More cute!
​So what's up, grandpa reading aloud to schoolkids? Oh, you're helping out superstressed teachers, rollin' with the tiny homies, and getting frescante all at the same time? Well then, thanks, Experience Corps. Like the other Corpses you've heard about, Peace, Americ-, or -de ballet, Experience is a do-gooder organization putting people who can help together with people who could use some help. RSVP for today's orientation at 759-4223. Maybe this isn't for you (you're too young to volunteer, we're sure) but it could be for someone you know, or maybe you're a teacher or know a parent or have a K-3 potential reader of your own.
The last of the cute for today.
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