The Seven Deadly Pleasures: Q&A with Creator Allison Lovejoy


A gorgeous woman in a red dress sits upon the stage and sings to her mirrored reflection, "you are a beautiful fool." Consumed with preserving the perfection of her image, Sophia Dante (played by Michelle Jasso) has sacrificed all else. Her sin? Vanity. In the great lexicon of measurable sins and virtues, vanity is only a venal sin, a transgression of only earthly proportions with only human consequences. So do not fear, oh lovers of glittery eye shadow, vanity will not earn you a place in Hell. But lust could. As well as sloth, wrath and gluttony.

These Hell-worthy sins and the inevitable pleasure they provide are represented by the characters in the upcoming world premiere of "Seven Deadly Pleasures, A Cabaret Rock Opera." It is a story of human character and the tension between that which entices and that which destroys. Though few in our modern world risk excommunication, the consequences of disconnection due to excess still affect us all. Sophia, as a vain character, invites our condemnation but the show itself and the aching minor chords lilting through her song evokes our compassion. For beneath these red red lips and smooth skin lies a human being tormented by a fear of being loved only for her physical beauty.

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Fashion Revolution Day in S.F. to Remember Victims of Rana Plaza Building Collapse

Categories: Events, Fashion

Fashion Revolution

On April 24, 2013, the Rana Plaza clothing factory in Bangladesh collapsed, killing 1133 employees and injuring 2500. This happened while the factory workers were making clothes for American stores.

And on the one-year anniversary of the collapse, considered to be the deadliest clothing manufacturing facility collapse in human history, one San Francisco-based organization is hosting an event to draw attention back to the fact there are still factory employees across the world making clothing for American stores in dangerous conditions.

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Get Your Country On Every Thursday in San Francisco

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According to a list put out by Estately, San Francisco is the least "country" U.S. city. Estately must not be familiar with Twang Honky Tonk.

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PBS Digital Studios' Everything But the News Continues For Second Season

Categories: Comedy, YouTube

Everything But the News
Co-creators Noah Pink and Steve Goldbloom. 'Da fux an Uber?

When Everything But the News launched in February, the laugh-out-loud comedy left this viewer wanting more. And when PBS released the video "PBS Reporter Fail | SXSW Music", a commercial plug for EBTN, it went viral with more than 150,000 views.

"We really fooled people," Steve Goldbloom, co-creator and star, says laughing. Goldbloom explains that viewers -- and Buzzfeed -- couldn't tell if the clip was real, or fake. "I think they just didn't know what the hell was going on," he says. "The fact that that promotion looks real, and confuses people, is totally inline with our product."

With a collective 70,000-plus views on YouTube the series just wrapped up its first season on April, 16. Goldbloom tells SF Weekly that due to the success, he and PBS Digital Studios are developing a new season, and possibly expanding the program.

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Silicon Valley, Episode Three: Pied Piper

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Thank god this show continues to be hilarious. This week Richard tries desperately to hold on to the god-awful name of Pied Piper for his company, despite the groans of his posse and company T-shirts that look like an elf "sucking a dick with a dick behind his ear, for later... a dick snack." He also channels the advice formerly given to him by his landlord Erlich, to "be an asshole," and plays hardball with the business owner who he discovers already owns rights to the name. Not that any of this matters, because he's racing against the clock with other companies that are nearly copying his algorithm as close as they can so that they can steal the technology.

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Camp Grounded Reconnects Adults With Childhood Roots

Categories: Holiday

Scott Sporleder
Ah, to make believe...

Sometimes being an adult sucks.

Responsibility!? Ugh, I'm over it! There's not enough time for the work that today demands. And the anxiety inducing smartphone crams everything into a fingertip's reach -- where it never leaves your over-caffeinated, twitching hands -- as you're constantly plugged in, scheduling meetings, emailing clients, texting friends, posting photos to social media (writing this alone stresses me out ::takes sip of second large iced coffee::) so on and so forth.

But remember being a kid? Remember not having a care in the world, where your day's challenge involved deciding what afternoon recess game made the cut for the day: marbles, tag, or dodgeball?

Well, summer's light glistens on the horizon, and Digital Detox, an Oakland-based organization dedicated to providing device-free events, lends a playground for your mischievousness to ensue. Camp Grounded, an offshoot of Digital Detox, is a summer camp -- and it's for adults!

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Game of Thrones Season Four, Episode Three: Taking Advantage of the Neighbors

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So far every episode of this show has been epic, and I don't mean that in some hyperbolic, stoned surfer way. Each week something gigantic happens, usually violent. Sansa is whisked away by the Fool, Dontos, who is then shot through with an arrow by Baelish, who we now know was behind the plot to kill Joffrey (I think). I warned you that this crap is too confusing for my right brain.

Anya and Sandor rip off some poor farmer and his daughter after he graciously lets them stay with him and eat a fine rabbit stew. The whole thing actually reminded me of the Bundy Ranch standoff in Nevada, where a rich cattleman has been illegally grazing his cows on federal land because he says it's "the people's land," and he doesn't recognize the federal government. The dialogue in Game of Thrones was perfect:

"Seven blessings to you," says the farmer.

"What do you want," says Sandor back, curtly.

"What do I want?" replies the farmer. " It's my land."

"When I'm standing on it it's my land," says Sandor. All they need now is a militia, which frankly is basically all that exists in the Seven Kingdoms anyway -- bands and hordes of armed marauders.

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Contest to Design Nelson Mandela Monument in Bay Area

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Nelson Mandela's death in December 2013 was mourned by billions of people, and now the Nelson Mandela Foundation in South Africa, the Oakland faction of the NAACP, and two cemeteries based in the Bay Area have joined together to create a monument to honor Mandela's life and legacy.

And they want you to create it.

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Link Round Up: Cool Things we Found on the Internet This Week

Categories: Quick Take

Imgur/Huffington Post
Wow, not creepy at all.

Happy Friday! Have a look at what we're reading, viewing, and gawking at on the internet.

SF State's newspaper, Golden Gate Xpress, put out a cool story and video on the print and clothing company San Franpsycho (

Since there's a lot of talk about the Mrs. Doubtfire sequel, we though we'd share the original trailer -- that was remade into a horror movie. (YouTube)

Easter is the time for candy, egg hunts, and creepy bunnies. (Huffington Post)

Give yourself some time for this Reddit thread -- because it's amazing: Take a film title and remove one letter, what is the new plot? (Reddit)

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Smells Like Teen Spirit: Q&A with Teenage Director Matt Wolf

Categories: Film, Interview

Courtesy of Oscilloscope Laboratories
Still image from Teenage

It's hard to imagine that there was ever a time when teenagers weren't the center of the universe.

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